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Willamette High School Electrathon Racing


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Well as you can guess we can always use a little help from the coummunity and others. Below is a wish list, we can use any of these items and probally a whole lot more. We can always use anything that people can provide for our program.... ranging from a 10$ donation to a full sponsorship to nuts and bolts or even lawn chairs. Anything will Help... For donation Info E-mail me at the address below. Thanks

Wish List 2002

Gift certificates
Money.... Cars cost about $1,500 to make so any money will help
Nuts and bolts... gotta build with something
aluminum sheets
Sign board.. light weight yet very durable
Electric motors... These cost about $300
Controllers...these cost about $4-500
Pot-boxs.... what we use for throttles
3 or 7 speed bike hubs
20 inch bike wheels and spokes to fit them
Amp meters ...can read up to a 150 amp draw..Minimum
Battery managers...Only sold by Cloud electric racing
light weight High current stereo wiring
Battery terminals.... with small wing nuts
fuses-up to 400amp
circuit breakers
Paint jobs
Fiberglass work
Wheels.... Moped wheels
Bearings...that fit a 12mm bolt
Light weight clear plastic that is flexible.... we use this for canopes on
the cars.
Hook worm 20 inch bike tires and tubes
Grade A 12mm bolts various Lengths.... we use these as axles
Drum brakes that fit moped wheels
Brake and shifter cable
Cable housing
Rapid fire shifters
New Interstate 58R batteries run about $110 for a set of 2. These are our
race batteries.
Any 2 Car batteries.... we need some for practice
2 way radios with multiple channels... hands free head sets for drivers
Racing helmets
Brake Lights
Brake light switches
Spools of small wire
Copper tubing
Ice chests and heating pads... we heat our batteries in Ice chests before a
battery neutralizer
Portable stand up tents for at races
Battery chargers 12-24volt 30 amp output
Small red and black alligator clips
Signs made to recognize our sponsors
T-shirts for up to 50 students and teachers
Rain gear for up 50 students and teachers
Water socks or wrestling shoes.... light weight and small
Extension cords...bright colors 30ft plus
electrical splitters... from one wire to 3... we need lots of these.